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Film Reviews: January 3, 2016

Here is a recap of the films reviewed on today’s show:

Sisters is just a few notches above Adam Sandler’s Grown Ups movies. It’s an uninspired slog and both Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are slumming it here.

The original Point Break has been imitated and parodied many times but it’s hard to imagine a shallower or stupider take on the 1991 film than this remake. There is a provocative idea at the center of this film but it is buried under bad acting and worse storytelling.

Concussion is an acceptable drama. It largely comes across like a television network movie-of-the-week but it’s well acted, competently done, and generally engaging. However, viewers should check out the documentary League of Denial, which can be found online

Daddy’s Home is one of the better comedies that either Will Ferrell or Mark Wahlberg have been involved in. The movie is quite sitcom-like but it is consistently funny and it is ultimately satisfying in exactly the way it intends to be.

People Places Things is a fine little movie about a family struggling with love and parenthood after a divorce. The film is sweet without becoming saccharine and it has interesting and engaging performances by its cast.

You can find full text of every review in the Sounds of Cinema Review Archive.

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