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Show Links

89.5 KQAL FM
KQAL broadcasts from the campus of Winona State University. Sounds of Cinema airs every Sunday at 9am.

89.7 KMSU FM
KMSU “The Maverick” broadcasts from the campus of Minnesota State Mankato. Sounds of Cinema airs every Sunday at 11am.

KMSU and KQAL are part of the Association of Minnesota Public Educational Radio Stations, a network of eighteen community radio stations throughout Minnesota.

Sounds of Cinema on Facebook
Subscribe to the Facebook page for links to film-related news and updates on upcoming episodes.


Box Office Mojo
A guide to box office data of films past and present.

DVD Release Dates
A database of recent and upcoming DVD releases.

Internet Movie Database
This is probably the most comprehensive database of films and filmmakers on the web.

Rotten Tomatoes
The site collects film reviews and ranks them on a “tomatometer” that judges whether the films are “fresh” or “rotten.”

Friends of Sounds of Cinema

Art Beat
A regular radio program on KQAL that focuses on local artists.

The Five Count
Airing every Saturday night on KMSU, check out their website for clips, updates, and polls.

The Frye
The official band of Sounds of Cinema, this Mankato-based band plays regular gigs in the area. 

Shuffle Function
KMSU’s morning show and the most popular morning radio in Mankato.