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Digital Humanities Film Series: October 27 – 31, 2016

Students in Winona State University’s Film Studies program will be hosting “Our Digital Humanity: A Film Series” from October 27–31,  showing films related to the 2016-17 university theme.

According to Winona State University, “the films include a mix of comedy, drama, horror, and documentary that examine digital tools and their impact not only on individuals and our society, but also on our future.”

The schedule is as follows:

Thursday, October 27th at 7pm: Modern Times (1936)
Charlie Chaplin’s classic movie (his last silent film) about a man trying (and failing) to keep up with the advances in technology.

Friday, October 28th at 7pm: Lo and Behold, Reveries of a Connected World (2016) and “World of Tomorrow” (2015)
Lo and Behold is the latest documentary from Werner Herzog in which he examines the internet and the way digital technology has connected the world. “World of Tomorrow” is an animated short by Don Hertzfeldt about a little girl exploring her future.

Saturday, October 29th at 2pm: Her (2013) and “Turing Test” (2013)
Spike Jonze’s film Her (which was named one of the ten best movies of 2013 by Sounds of Cinema) tells the story of a lonely writer who falls in love with his self aware operating system. “The Turing Test” is a short film about a woman trying to maintain her humanity amid an increasingly automated workplace.

Sunday, October 30th at 2pm: Cyber-Seniors (2014)
Cyber-Seniors is a documentary by Saffron Cassaday about older computer users learning to use computers from teenage mentors.

Monday, October 31st at 7pm: Videodrome (1983)
David Cronenberg’s film about a television programmer who tries to find new, edgier content and discovers an dangerous world in which technology and humanity merge to form a new whole. Viewers searching for something dark, scary, and unusual for Halloween needn’t look any further.

All the films will be shown on the Stark Hall Auditorium (room 103) on the Winona State University campus.

The screenings are free and open to the public.

The Digital Humanities Film Series is funded by Winona State University’s Office of Community Engagement, Departments of English and Nursing, the College of Liberal Arts, and the WSU Retiree Center.

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