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Audio Interviews

Stanley Wiater, author of “Disturbo 13: The Most Disturbing Horror Films Ever Made” (Oct. 2023)

Don G. Smith, author of H.P. Lovecraft in Popular Culture (Oct. 2020)

Paul Talbot, author of Bronson’s Loose! The Making of the Death Wish Films and Bronson’s Loose Again! On the Set with Charles Bronson (Mar. 2018)

Kenneth George Godwin, author of The David Lynch Files (Sept. 2017)

Donald May Jr., President of Synapse Films (Sept. 2017)

Dave Itzkoff, author of Mad as Hell: The Making of Network and the Fateful Vision of the Angriest Man in Movies (Apr. 2016)

Mikita Brottman, author of Meat is Murder! An Illustrated Gude to Cannibal Culture and Offensive Films (Oct. 2014)

Thomas Lindlof, author of Hollywood Under Siege: Martin Scorsese, the Religious Right, and the Culture Wars (Apr. 2014)

Frederick Gooding, editor of The Minority Reporter and author of You Mean There’s Race in My Movie? The Complete Guide to Understanding Race in Mainstream Hollywood Films (Mar. 2012)

Sinclair McKay, author of A Thing of Unspeakable Horror: The History of Hammer Films (Oct. 2011)

Eric Greene, author of Planet of the Apes as American Myth (Aug. 2011)

Guest commentary on Lake of Fire (Apr. 2011) 

Cannibal Holocaust discussion with Nick Ozment and Andrea Wood (Oct. 2010)

Andrea Wood on Psycho and Peeping Tom(Oct. 2010)

Jack Shaheen, author of Reel Bad Arabs(Sept. 2009) 

David J. Skal, author of Vampires: Journeys with the Undead (Oct. 2007)

Peter Bracke, author of Crystal Lake Memories: The Complete History of Friday the 13th (Oct. 2005)

Don Larsson on post-9/11 cinema (Sept. 2005)

Carl Gottlieb, screenwriter on Jaws and author of The Jaws Log(Jun. 2005)

Gavin Baddeley, author of Lucifer Rising and Goth Chic (Oct. 2004)