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Review: Bangkok Dangerous (2008)

Bangkok Dangerous (2008)

Directed by: Oxide Pang Chun and Danny Pang

Premise: An experienced assassin (Nicolas Cage) finds his mission and life in danger when he takes time to develop relationships with a deaf pharmacy clerk (Charlie Yeung) and a pickpocket (Shahkrit Yamnarm).

What Works: Some of the action scenes of Bangkok Dangerous are well handled even if they are derivative. Nicolas Cage has a few nice scenes with Charlie Yeung, a deaf pharmacist. 

What Doesn’t: Bangkok Dangerous is a ludicrous action film almost to the point that it’s hard to believe this is not a joke gone awry. Nicolas Cage has never been a very good action star except in films like The Rock where he plays a man who is out of place amid the carnage. Bangkok Dangerous casts Cage as a cold hearted assassin and he absolutely does not work in this role. The script tries to build sympathy for the character through two subplots: one involving a young street hustler that Cage’s character takes on as an apprentice and the other a romantic story between the assassin and a good-hearted pharmacist. The scenes of Cage training his apprentice look more like outtakes from The Karate Kid than The Professional and the romantic scenes, although nice to watch in some spots, feel like they are from a completely separate movie. By the time the climax arrives, the film throws together an action scene that is really under par for the genre and the film finally ends on a hopeless note of self sacrifice that does nothing to further the characters.

Bottom Line: Bangkok Dangerous should have been a direct-to-video release staring Steven Seagal or Dolph Lundgren. As it is, the film doesn’t even make for a good rental and it is a further sign of Nicolas Cage’s poor taste is scripts.

Episode: #206 (September 28, 2008)