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Review: Collateral (2004)

Collateral (2004)

Directed by: Michael Mann

Premise: A hit man named Vincent (Tom Cruise) makes Max (Jamie Foxx), a hapless taxi driver, chauffeur him through a night of murders. 

What Works: This film belongs to Jamie Foxx and he gives one of the best performances seen this year. The sound design, cinematography, and editing are very exciting but also very emotional in a cinematic sense. Michael Mann proves once again that he is one of the most underrated American directors working today. 

What Doesn’t: This is not your typical action film. Compared to a Jerry Bruckheimer film, the set pieces are very small. This may alienate those expecting something like Mission: Impossible 2.  

Bottom Line: Collateral is an exciting, unique film that, like Se7en, explores the lack of humanity or community in metropolitan areas. This film ought to be on its way to some Oscar nominations for screenplay, actor, and director.

Episode: #13 (August 8, 2004)