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Review: Courage and Stupidity (2005)

Courage and Stupidity (2005) 

Directed by: Darin Bleckstead

Premise: A short and funny dramatization of the making of Jaws.

What Works: The film relies primarily on puns and one-liners that will be most effective with viewers who are familiar with Jaws and other films by Steven Spielberg. Most of the jokes are on the head, but repeat viewing reveals much more. If this had been extended to a full two-hour film the humor might go thin, but as a twenty-five minute feature, it works.

What Doesn’t: If you are not familiar with Jaws, much of the humor will be go over your head. This is a very small production so viewers should not expect History of the World: Part I.

DVD extras: Behind the scenes footage, actor screen tests, trailers, and production photos

Bottom Line: Courage and Stupidity is a very funny film made for Jaws fans. It can stand alone as an independent feature but it is much stronger when viewed as a companion piece to Jaws.

Episode: #60 (July 17, 2005)