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Review: Edge of Darkness (2010)

Edge of Darkness (2010)

Directed by: Martin Campbell

Premise: A Boston police detective (Mel Gibson) investigates the murder of his daughter and uncovers a conspiracy between a nuclear weapons manufacturer and the CIA. 

What Works: Ray Winstone is very impressive as a cleanup artist charged with maintaining the cover up. Actor Shawn Roberts is similarly effective in a small supporting role as the victim’s boyfriend.

What Doesn’t: Edge of Darkness suffers from a lack of tension or narrative momentum. The success of thrillers and mysteries largely rests in the story’s ability to juggle information, narrowing down suspects but never making it obvious who the criminal actually is until the last possible moment. Edge of Darkness does a nice job of maintaining the flow of information but the film also lacks a sense of urgency as the criminal involved is fairly obvious. The action scenes of Edge of Darkness are out of place and are too big and elaborate for the otherwise intimate nature of the story. Conversely, the film’s conclusion is underwhelming as it resolves the story but little seems to be won or lost by the time it’s all over.

Bottom Line: Edge of Darkness is a mediocre and forgettable thriller. There is nothing all that memorable about it and the final product is pedestrian despite the considerable talents involved in front and behind the camera.

Episode: #275 (February 7, 2010)