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Review: Firewall (2006)

Firewall (2006)

Directed by: Richard Loncraine

Premise: A security specialist (Harrison Ford) is forced into robbing the bank that he protects when his family is taken hostage.

What Works: Firewall is a solid action thriller. The story is smart and does not insult the audience. Its characters are fleshed out and its action sequences are put together very well. This is one of Ford’s strongest roles in some time and he uses his every-man vulnerability in ways that make him more believable than anything he has done recently. Paul Bettany gives a very strong performance as Bill Cox, the lead villain and the architect of the crime. He is able to move between being disarmingly charming and extremely threatening.

What Doesn’t: The film is not breaking any new ground. The minor villains that aid Bettany’s character are rather weak and are not able to achieve a threatening level of menace. The climax of Firewall is out of place in this film; it is too big for the subtle push and pull throughout the second act.

Bottom Line: Firewall is a competent action thriller. It is not a great cinematic feat, but it is entertaining and it will satisfy fans of Harrison Ford.

Episode: #85 (February 12, 2005)