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Review: Garage Days (2002)

Garage Days (2002)

Directed by: Alex Proyas

Premise: A story of a rock band trying to make it big.

What Works: The film addresses a lot of the clichés of getting-the-band-together stories but puts a leash on them. For instance, there are drugs, but not too many drugs. There is sex, but not too much sex. There is an incompetent manager, but he is competent and human enough that he keeps his job. The elements typical in this type of genre are presented and included but controlled so that they feel real and do not become clichéd.

What Doesn’t: The main character of Freddy (Kick Gurry) is not written well enough is some spots. It is essential in the picture that we feel the agony and frustration of trying to hold the band together through him, but the film never completely accomplishes that. Also some of the romantic storylines actually distract from the main plotline rather than enhance it.

DVD extras: Audio commentary, deleted scenes, backstage pass, cast/crew interviews, and outtakes.

Bottom Line: This was a surprising film to get for Proyas, who is known for dark, edgy genre films like The Crow and I, Robot. It is a funny, upbeat film for fans of rock and roll.

Episode: #17 (September 5, 2004)