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Review: Shaun of the Dead (2004)

Shaun of the Dead (2004)

Directed by: Edgar Wright

Premise: Shaun (Simon Pegg) reconciles his relationship with his girlfriend (Kate Ashfield) while battling a hoard of cannibalistic zombies.

What Works: This film proves what horror film aficionados have known for years: the zombie film is a form of slapstick comedy and a successful combination of the two genres could result in a very successful film. Shaun of the Dead is at its best early in the picture as the growing menace of the zombies grows, hilariously, just out of sight. The film is driven by Simon Pegg, who shows a comic timing and delivery that ought to make Shan of the Dead a breakout film for him. 

What Doesn’t: In the end, the film loses some of its energy as the comedy takes a back seat to more serious scenes. However, the film is able to use this part of the film to give it a dramatic credibility that makes it more endearing.

DVD extras: Outtakes, deleted scenes, casting tapes, Simon Pegg’s video diary, and a commentary track.

Bottom Line: The horror-comedy is a difficult genre to do correctly, but this film achieves very high marks, and is probably the best entry in that subgenre since Ghostbusters. Definitely recommended for fans of the zombie film, but there is enough humor here to appeal to a much wider audience.

Episode: #45 (March 27, 2005)