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Review: The Pink Panther (2006)

The Pink Panther (2006)

Directed by: Shawn Levy

Premise: A remake of the 1963 Peter Sellers film. Steve Martin plays Inspector Jacques Clouseau who is charged with solving a high profile murder case.

What Works: Steve Martin is competent in his portrayal of Inspector Jacques Clouseau. He manages to bring some new elements to the character, including some emotional touches. Jean Reno is a welcome addition to the film, playing a softer version of his usual roles.  

What Doesn’t: Unfortunately, The Pink Panther just isn’t very funny. Martin’s Clouseau shtick with an exaggerated French accent wears thin very quickly. The best comedies have a solid story with a dramatic center and although this film has pieces of this kind of story, it is unable to put them together. The gags are lame and the big laughs are too few and far between.

Bottom Line: For its lack of humor and its lack of vision, The Pink Panther is a disappointment. It’s not entirely the fault of Martin, who still has comedic talent, but for a contemporary audience the film might have been better with Jim Carrey.

Episode: #89 (March 26, 2006)