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Review: Alexander (2004)

Alexander (2004)

Directed by: Oliver Stone

Premise: A biopic of Alexander the Great (Colin Farrell).

What Works: The film focuses on Alexander’s relationship with the parents, especially his mother (Angelina Jolie). This is probably one of the most psychologically complex historical epics ever made. The battle scenes are big and nasty, like Braveheart and Troy, but they have been given a kinetic quality beyond what we have seen before in this genre.

What Doesn’t: That kinetic quality does not resonate through the rest of the dialogue heavy picture. Although there are a lot of interpersonal storylines, none of them get fleshed out enough to really captivate the viewer. 

Bottom Line: Alexander aspires to great things and at moments it reaches them. This is another feather in Oliver Stone’s hat but it is not his best work.

Episode: #30 (December 5, 2004)

Note: Oliver Stone subsequently created multiple other versions of this film. Read the review of Alexander Revisited: The Final Cut.