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Review: Closer (2004)

Closer (2004)

Directed by: Mike Nichols 

Premise: A story about two couples whose love lives are intertwined.

What Works: This is a great story with some very difficult and yet engaging characters. On one hand, the characters act is very reprehensible ways, especially Larry (Clive Owen). Yet, the characters achieve a humanity that keeps the audience from hating them and from taking sides. The dialogue is very sharp and witty, adding humor and humanity to what is a very difficult film. Closer is also able to achieve an air of extreme sexual intimacy without actually showing any intercourse. This makes the film’s discussion about the role of sex in relationships more pointed because it keeps the film focused on the emotions of the characters. 

What Doesn’t: There are great leaps on the timeline and this does get confusing but it functions to juxtapose the dramatic ways in which the characters’ relationships have changed. 

Bottom Line: Closer is a film about sexual relationships and it achieves an honesty and truth about those relationships without being sentimental or pornographic. It is a heartbreaking film to watch and deserves recognition for its smart script and superior acting.

Episode: #33 (January 2, 2005)