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Review: Waiting (2005)

Waiting (2005)

Directed by: Rob McKittrick

Premise: The film catalogues twenty-four hours in the lives of the staff of a chain restaurant.

What Works: The film mostly centers on the relationship between wise guy Monty (Ryan Reynolds) and the earnest Dean (Justin Long). Reynolds has a knack for comic timing that he has hinted at in other roles, but Waiting lets him cut loose and put his talent front and center. The film is full of snappy, glib dialogue and it is very funny. The story has taken its concept and done something very creative with it by exploring all of the potential avenues.

What Doesn’t: There is no proper narrative to speak of, which is a result of the story construction. It becomes instead a study of the culture inside the restaurant. As that it works fine, but it robs the film of depth.

Bottom Line: This is McKittrick’s first film and, while not necessarily a break out hit, it is very impressive. The humor is of the same breed as The 40 Year Old Virgin but this is a funnier film. Look for Waiting to gain a cult following in much the same way as Office Space.

Episode: #71 (October 9, 2005)