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Review: White Noise (2005)

White Noise (2005)

Directed by: Geoffrey Sax

Premise: A recently widowed man (Michael Keaton) begins to communicate with his dead wife (Chandra West) through the static and white noise of his television.

What Works: The older cast is refreshing for a horror film; Michael Keaton’s character has a sense of history and complexity that characters in their teens usually do not have.

What Doesn’t: The story does not make much sense and leaves a lot of the important questions unanswered, such as the relationship between a trio of mysterious ghosts and Keaton’s wife and the reason Keaton is able to see into the future through his television. The ending really comes out of nowhere and feels very anti-climactic.

Bottom Line: White Noise is moderately scary. It does not have many jumps to it but it does have a fairly creepy atmosphere. It does not add much to the horror genre but it will probably satisfy fans of The Ring and Gothika.

Episode: #34 (January 9, 2005)