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Sounds of Cinema October 2023 Program Schedule

October is nearly here and that means it’s time for a month of Halloween-related programming on Sounds of Cinema. Each episode throughout October will feature a different spooky theme. Here’s what’s in store in 2023:

31 Days of Spooky Soundtracks on Facebook

Every day throughout October Sounds of Cinema will highlight a different spooky soundtrack on the show’s Facebook page. The titles will range from classic to contemporary scores as well as soundtrack albums. Be sure to like and subscribe.

October 1, 2023 – The Most Disturbing Films

This year’s October programming will start with a look at some of the most disturbing films ever made including Cannibal Holocaust, Salo, or the 120 Days of Sodom, and Last House on the Left as well as the torture pictures of the 2000s. This episode will also feature an interview with Stanley Wiater, the author of the famous essay “Disturbo 13: The Most Disturbing Horror Films of All Time.”

October 8, 2023 – The Fear of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has been in the news lately and it’s been a longtime topic in science fiction and horror. This episode will look at some films that dramatize fears about artificial intelligence such as The Terminator and Blade Runner and feature a review of The Creator.

October 15, 2023 – The Exorcist and Possession Films

2023 is the fiftieth anniversary of The Exorcist. This program will look back at the 1973 classic and survey the sequels and spinoffs as well as review the new film Exorcist: Believer. The show will also include a look at other possession films.

October 22, 2023 – Review Catch Up/KMSU Pledge Drive

Different stations will play different programs on October 22rd. Tune into 89.5 KQAL FM in Winona, Minnesota for a review of horror films released in 2023. Then tune into 89.7 KMSU FM for a special pledge drive edition of Sounds of Cinema.

October 29, 2023 – Haunted Houses

Haunted house movies are a reliable fixture of the genre and this episode will take a look back at a variety of titles including The Beyond, The Amityville Horror, and Monster House. The show will also feature reviews of A Haunting in Venice and 2023’s The Haunted Mansion.

Sounds of Cinema’s regular broadcast can be heard every Sunday morning on the following stations:

  • 9am on 89.5 KQAL FM in Winona, MN and online at
  • 11am on 89.7 KMSU FM in Mankato, MN and online at

October 31, 2023: Sounds of Cinema Halloween Special

Tune in for the annual Sounds of Cinema Halloween Special. This unique broadcast will provide the soundtrack for your All Hallows Eve with a mix of music from Halloween related films as well as some other audible tricks and treats. The Halloween Special can be heard:

  • October 31 at 10pm CST on 89.7 KMSU FM
  • October 31 at 11pm CST on 89.5 KQAL FM